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Hanh Trinh Viet - Viet Ventures Introduction
We are travel agency in Ho Chi Minh City Since 1999, major on organizing Leisure Tour, Acoustic Camping Tour and Homestay in Dong Nai garden
Get free quotation for your trip
You can contact us for tour consultant. Mr. BUI Duy Phuong: Director logan@vietventures.net +84938.882.075 Mr. BUI Ngoc Duy An: Head of Marketing anbui@vietventures.net +84908.618.571 Mr. BUI Ngoc Minh: Head of Sales minhbui@dulichhanhtrinhviet.com +84909.088.715
Homestay Lang Truong Tho
A boutique homestay in the fruit garden near Ho Chi Minh City. You and your family can have relax time and enjoy our travel service come from our heart
Shop and Retail
We also selling and delivery products with our best selection from the garden to client in Ho Chi Minh City