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Terms and Conditions

01. General terms

All services prices are Vietnam Dong VND and US Dollars. Service charges explicitly listed in the "Include" in the tours, car service, airfare, hotel, ... Vietventures Co., Ltd has no obligation to pay any costs not in the "Include"

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02. Payment

When registering, please provide full information and pay a deposit to secure a place. 

- Online payment via bank wise.
- Payment by cash in the company.


Bank trading name: VIETCOMBANK 
Bank branch: Tan Dinh branch 
Bank address: 72 Pham Ngoc
Thach Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Account number (USD): 007.137.03 19483 

Swift code: BFTVVNVX037 

Beneficiary: VIETVENTURES 
Company address: 02 Hoa Phuong Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Payment is considered complete when Vietventures Co., Ltd received enough payment before departure or contractual agreement between the two parties. Any payment delay resulted in the cancellation of service is not the responsibility of the Vietventures Co., Ltd.

With transfer payments: When making the transfer, please indicate your name, address, telephone and travel content specifically selected guests were registered.

After the implementation of the transfer, please inform your worker to receive ticket tour travel company official from Vietventures Co., Ltd.

Vietventures Co., Ltd will not solve the case the system automatically cancel the registration form if you do not comply with the above provisions.

03. The conditions of cancellation and cancellation fees

a. In case of cancellation by the Vietventures Co., Ltd:
Vietventures Co., Ltd If not done the tour, Vietventures Co., Ltd must immediately notify their customers and customers pay back the entire amount that the customer paid within 3 days from the time the Cancellations trip by cash or bank transfer.

b. In case of cancellation by the customer are:

For multiday tours package:
Cancellation before 30 days: 10% of the tour price
Cancellation before 20 days: 20% of the tour price
Cancellation before 15 days: 30% of the tour price
Cancellation before 07 days: 40% of the tour price
Cancellation before 03 days: 75% of the tour price
Cancellation less than 03 days: 100% of the tour price

For day tour package:
Cancellation before 07 days: 10 % the tour price
Cancellation before 04 days: 30 % the tour price
Cancellation before 01 days: 50 % the tour price
Cancellation less than 24 hours: 100 % of the tour price

The cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to the Company or via fax, e-mail and must be confirmed by the Company. The cancellation by telephone will not be accepted.


- In case of cancellation due to incidents such as natural disasters, terrorism, epidemics, ... Vietventures Co., Ltd will not be liable to indemnify any costs other than the reimbursement of the tour,
- Above is the maximum cancellation fees, this cost may be reduced depending on the conditions of each service provider for Vietventures Co., Ltd.
- Trip cancellation period calculated in working days (excluding 7th, Sunday and holidays).
- The cancellation conditions as above shall not apply on the occasion of Tet.

c. In case of force majeure:
If the tour is cancelled or altered by either party for a reason of force majeure (war, natural disasters, terrorism ...), then the two sides will not assume any obligation to reimburse the losses happened and does not accept any responsibility or liability yet. However, each party is responsible for trying the maximum to help the victims in order to minimize the losses caused due to force majeure.

04. Prices for children

- Children under 2 years old: Payment 30% of adult.
- Children from 2-12 years: Payment 75% (depending on the policies of the airline) of adult.


+ Travel Fares do not include: Taxes, private bed mode.
+ 2 adults accompanied by 1 child.
+ In case of 2 children is the 2nd child compulsory collection of adult price for additional bed and breakfast coupon.

05. The special requirements

The special requirements of customers must notify to Vietventures Co., Ltd at the time of registration, Vietventures Co., Ltd will strive to meet these requirements in their capabilities, but will not be responsible for any denial of service providers from carriers, hotels, restaurants and service providers independent guests.

06. Hotels

The property is offered on the basis of a room with 2 single beds (TWIN) or a double bed (DBL), depending on the structure of the hotel room. Room 3 will be arranged when necessary (TRIPLE). Hotels by Vietventures Co., Ltd set to tour with corresponding standards ticket prices that hotels chose when registering tour. If necessary change for any reason, the replacement property is equivalent to the standard of the original property and will be announced day for guests before departure. The special requirements of customers if inform Vietventures Co., Ltd will be met depending on the capabilities provided by the hotel and the customer have to pay extra for this request (if any). Vietventures Co., Ltd has the right to not meet these requirements if the hotel refuses to provide the service.

07. Transportation

Means of transport depending on the travel program.

Modern car or bus (4-7-15-25-35-45 car or bus) will be Vietventures Co., Ltd classified according to the amount each group, served during the tour.

With this program, go by train, plane, hydrofoil (public transportation), in some program service providers may change time of departure without notice, the change Journey will be Tourism Vietnam notify customers if time allows.

Vietventures Co., Ltd not responsible reimbursement and liability for damage caused by physical and mental delays departure times of public transport or delay by the passenger cause. Vietventures Co., Ltd perform acts only help to reduce the loss of customers if they are incurred.

08. Baggage

Lightweight luggage, with programs using air service baggage allowance will be provided by airline regulations.

Vietventures Co., Ltd is not responsible for lost or damaged luggage or any other object of passengers during the trip, travelers preservation of their luggage. If customers or lost luggage, Vietventures Co., Ltd will help passengers contacted and declared to the relevant departments to hunt for luggage lost or misplaced. The compensation for lost or misplaced luggage will follow the regulations of the service providers or the insurance unit.

09. To receive information tour

Before registration, please read carefully the customer program, ticket prices, including as not included in the program. Customers can directly or through representatives travel to register and pay at the ticket office. Vietventures Co., Ltd only responsible for providing trip information to registered customers directly or to the representative. Vietventures Co., Ltd does not accept any liability in case of the representatives do not provide or provide inaccurate information of a journey for our customers.

10. The responsibilities and other commitments

a. On Vietventures Co., Ltd side:

- Ensure that all services in accordance with the program.

- Dissemination of the complete necessary information, the regulations when traveling at home and abroad before departure

- With foreign travel program, Vietventures Co., Ltd not responsible for the passengers concerned agencies of foreign deny entry. All arising from the refusal of payment by customers including the cancellation charges of the service provider.

b. On the client side:

- Payment in full and on time.

- In time travel, customers must comply with the program

- Provision of passport, photographs and documents relating to immigration procedures complete, properly prescribed class

- Compliance with regulations and laws of the country visit. Vietventures Co., Ltd no legal responsibility as well as material in the case of customers violate the law or regulations of the host country. Customers must be responsible to pay all the costs arising from the breach caused. Vietventures Co., Ltd only responsible for helping clients in this case in order to minimize the damage to their clients.

c. Depending on the actual situation, Vietventures Co., Ltd reserves the right to change the route, rearrange the order of interests or cancel trips anytime that Vietventures Co., Ltd deemed necessary because the convenient or safe for customers.

d. In the course of implementation, if disputes arise will be resolved on the basis of negotiation not achieve results, the case would be given court pursuant to regulations of the current law. All costs shall be borne by the losing party. /.

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